In order to become a customer of 420 Drop you must have purchased a virtual dispensary.  All products listed on the site are what we pay wholesale plus 10% no additonal mark ups, you can then decide how much you would like to sell them for on your personal site.  Our method for pricing is usually, cost x 1.75 =

That being said we then search online for each individual product and see what other dispensaries are selling it for and adjust the price accordingly.

If you would like to sell our doctors appointments for people to obtain a medical marijuana prescription on your site, we are happy to offer you wholesale rates so you can make sizable commissions on those services as well as on products.

If you do sell a doctors consultation just get in touch with us, transfer us the doctors fee and we will do the rest for you.  Simple as that!

Our representatives are happy you help you out any way they can.  We can give you information on specific products that we carry, or just help out with the overall functioning of your site.

If you need further assistance feel free to call or send us an email by clicking here